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      Our OSTEOFIT program has been designed to prevent or reverse osteoporosis as well as increase bone density, strength and balance.  On average, within the first year, patients increase their strength 75%, and a change in their bone density of 4-20%! This is key to improving their quality of life, reducing stress, inflammation and muscle tension as well as improving their circulation.

Our program uses state of the art equipment that naturally and effectively increases bone density and muscular development for people of all ages. We build stronger, more fracture-resistant bones by activating the bone building cells through “osteogenic loading”.

Studies have shown that by increasing osteogenic loading we can trigger the body’s natural ability to maximize bone density and strengthen the muscular system around the bone. Without pharmaceuticals or medical intervention, bioDensity safely loads the body and provides feedback during the weekly sessions to chart your progress toward optimal physical well-being.  Each week the patient will also get a printout of their progress.  Using bioDensity’s unique osteogenic loading system, patients of all ages can achieve this without the usual pain, muscle soreness, and fatigue that comes with a traditional workout.

In addition to the bioDensity machine, we utilize vibration therapy before and after your session.  This helps to warm up the body and help to build strength and improve circulation.  Vibration activates your muscles and stimulates a reflexive response that enhances the exercises. Results are seen in half of the time of conventional exercise.  In addition, recovery time is decreased while flexibility is increased.  Additional benefits of vibration therapy include: Increased Strength, Improved Balance, Increased Bone Mass, Improved Circulation, Improved Flexibility, Weight loss, Muscle Toning, Reduction of Blood Pressure, and Decrease Pain.  

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