Gut Health

Gut Health

 LEAKY GUT.......The medical profession is just now agreeing this condition even exists, which is especially shocking considering that “intestinal permeability” (another name for leaky gut) has been discussed in the medical literature for over 100 years!

In todays fast paced world, more Americans are affected by things like stress, poor diet choices like a diet low in dietary fiber or too much sugar, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) use, excessive drinking, bacterial imbalances and food sensitivities all contribute to Leaky Gut. "Intestinal Permeability" or Leaky Gut Syndrome has been discussed in medical journals for over 100 years but it hasn't been until recently that it has become more prevalent.  Leaky Gut Syndrome causes incomplete digested nutrients, toxins, bacteria, and waste to “leak” through the intestines and into the blood stream. The foreign substances entering the blood can cause an autoimmune response in the body, including allergic and inflammatory reactions, such as headaches, respiratory and digestive issues, joint pain, skin conditions, and more.

We believe that it is necessary to get rid of what is causing the intestines to be compromised and seal off the area so toxins, viruses, bacteria, and other foreign invaders can be cleared and removed safely without being recirculated into the bloodstream because of an unsealed gut. The same principle applies when we are rebuilding your intestines and adding good flora and nutrients back into the body. If the intestinal permeability is still increased, it is hard to keep your flora, acid, and nutrients balanced.

We believe that to have success in healing your microbiome you must have the proper help through bioavailable and excellent digestive supplementation.

Our program has 3 phases.  In the first phase,  we focus on eliminating toxins that cause problems by eliminating the foods that are the most inflammatory.  We also focus on reducing candida and getting rid of what robs nutrient absorption.  Sealing the gut lining is also key in this phase so your gut barrier is strong enough to withstand a detox and toxins aren't recirculated back into your blood stream. 

In phase 2 we are still focused on eliminating toxins but it is more about the environmental toxins, insecticides, herbicides, bacteria, and viruses.  We must also work to cleanse the blood so toxins aren't recirculated back into your blood stream.

In phase 3 we rebuild the microbiome by restoring probiotics, balancing the acidity of the stomach ( which is necessary for the adequate absorption of proteins, calcium, B vitamins, and iron), and lastly by supporting the IgG antibodies to build up our immune system ( which help modulate a normal immune response).

This multi-faceted program is a one of a kind, life changing program that helps you discover what you can and can not eat to keep yourself healthy while healing and rebuilding the digestive tract to a happier place.

Signs of an UNHEALTHY GUT - Common Clinical Symptoms.              

Chronic Diarrhea or Constipation      Gas or Bloating       Poor Immune System       Headaches       Brain Fog

Memory Loss      Fatigue      Skin Rashes       Craving for Sugar/Carbs

Common Related Conditions

Hives      Acne      Eczema      Dermatitis      Cystic Fibrosis      Asthma      Arthritis      Joint Pain      Depression      Anxiety      

ADD/ADHD    Autoimmune      Thyroid Problems      Hormonal Imbalances      Celiac Disease      IBS      Crohn’s Disease      

Ulcerative Colitis      Food Allergies      Lupus Psoriasis

If any of this is you.... please give us a call today so we can help you get on track to getting rid of stomach issues and improving your quality of life!  336-266-7703.

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