Our program has an 85+ percent success rate at reversing neuropathy and its symptoms.  Backed by 26 peer reviewed studies and several major hospitals...... this program is life changing!


In the United States, about 25 million people, including more than half of all diabetics, suffer from neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition where nerves are damaged causing weakness, burning pain, numbness, tingling, and debilitating balance problems.  It usually affects the hands and feet but the damage to the nerves can be caused by many different problems in the body. Poor blood flow to the nerves, toxic levels of sugar in the blood (diabetes), chronic infections, pesticide exposure and genetic variants are a few of the causes of this debilitating condition. The cause is different for every patient and it must be discovered to help the nerves heal! You probably are or have taken gabapentin, neurontin, cymbalta, and have been told by your doctor you just have to live with the pain. This is NOT the truth. Peripheral neuropathy varies; it can come and go, slowly progressing over many years, or it can become severe and debilitating. However, if diagnosed early, peripheral neuropathy can often be controlled and corrected.

It is well established in the scientific literature that peripheral nerves can and do heal. The key issue is that not only do we need to get the nerves healing but we have to stop whatever is causing the nerve damage in the first place. When the underlying cause of the neuropathy is discovered and proper support for the nerves are provided, it optimizes the ability for the nerves to heal!

Peripheral neuropathy is common. It is estimated that upwards of 25 million Americans suffer from this illness. It can occur at any age, but is more common among older adults.  A 1999 survey found that 8-9% of Medicare recipients have peripheral neuropathy as their primary or secondary diagnosis. The annual cost to Medicare exceeds $3.5 billion.

Peripheral neuropathy has always been present, but has not received much attention. Its extent and importance have not yet been adequately recognized. It is sometimes misdiagnosed, or thought to be merely a side effect of another disease like diabetes or cancer or kidney failure.  New cutting-edge technology and protocols are available and have been proven to work.


There are many causes of neuropathy.  Approximately 30% of neuropathies are “idiopathic,” or "of an unknown cause". In another 30% of cases, the cause is diabetes. Other neuropathy causes include autoimmune disorders, tumors, heredity, nutritional imbalances, infections or toxins.


If you have any of the things above, you may be a good candidate for our neuropathy services.
We don’t want you to suffer any longer!

Positive treatment results of our services include:

Improved Balance & Stability
Improved, pain free, sleeping
Reduced swelling
Increased blood flow to legs & feet
Improved walking & exercise
You don’t HAVE to suffer any more!

The treatment we provide has four main goals…

1. To optimize the environment within the body for nerve healing 

2. Increase blood flow to the nerves

3. Stimulate the nerves that are damaged (small fiber, large diameter, or motor nerves) to reduce pain and improve balance

4. Decrease brain-based pain.

Our exclusive treatment system increases blood flow to the nerves in the feet and/or hands, which helps to rejuvenate nerves naturally and has returned many of our patient’s feet and/or hands to normal (see testimonials below). No surgery. No addictive medications.

Our proprietary and comprehensive treatment program utilizes various different state-of-the-art technologies and is unlike any treatment program you may have already experienced. Our neuropathy program is an innovative and systematic approach to treating neuropathy and will help you get back to happy living. If you have already tried other medical therapies such as medications and physical therapy there is a very good chance our system is a good fit for you. Our techniques that address the neurological, metabolic, and nutritional challenges allow us to get rid of chronic symptoms no matter how long they have been there. Please call us today so we can help, We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get your health back!


"I had so much pain in my legs and feet, I couldn't sleep or hardly stand..... after one month of treatment, it made a big difference, I'm looking forward to the future"  Betty S.

" Nothing was working for my neuropathy and I had a lot of burning pain in my legs and feet.  I couldn't do the things I loved..... after a few months I sleep through the night and I have no burning pain.  I am back to doing the activities I love."  Yvonne P.

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